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Gang that steals cars and uses mobile jammers to evade arrest by cops

Subodh Yadav, 37, and his accomplice Vipin Kumar, 42, were arrested in the car robbery.

According to police officer Romil Baaniya, the two allegedly confessed to the crime and provided details of their actions.

  • New Delhi: An undercover operation has resulted in the arrest of two men for stealing luxury cars in and around the Delhi-NCR area.

  • During the arrest, police recovered a cell phone signal blocker and other sophisticated tools that could help read and duplicate the car's ignition and locking systems.

  • The defendants used bluetooth jammer to prevent people from calling or texting police from crime scenes to leak information.

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Subodh Yadav, 37, and his accomplice Vipin Kumar, 42, were arrested in the car robbery. According to police officer Romil Baaniya, the two allegedly confessed to the crime and provided details of their actions.

Yadav and Kumar allegedly purchased the damaged cars from insurance companies and, through a vast network of engine and chassis number punchers, changed the numbers of the stolen cars to those of the damaged cars. They will then sell the car to a used car buyer. Kumar himself runs an automotive workshop in Chandigarh where he stamps engines and chassis numbers.

The accused, Subodh Kumar Yadav, has more than 20 previous convictions including murder and attempted murder.

The Anti-Auto Theft Squad was alerted to the problem after multiple motor vehicle thefts and began investigating the cases. After gathering intel on the potential automatic elevator behind the crime, they learn of the presence of Subodh Yadav and Vipin Kumar in Vasant Gaon. The informant allegedly told the police that the two would travel to Vasant Gaon to seal another deal for the stolen luxury car.

Based on this information, the team planted a trap near Valmiki Mandir there. Subodh Yadav and Vipin Kumar arrived by car and got off. Sensing something was wrong, the two tried to run away, but the team became alert and they caught both of them.

They discovered that the car they had come in, a Mahindra Rexton, had also been stolen.

In addition to the mobile jammers, police also recovered six stolen vehicles, including a Honda City and a Honda Amaze, as well as keys to 20 different cars and other tools they used to successfully steal the vehicles.

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The Delhi High Court is hearing pleas against the prison authority

  1. Which has been accused of engaging in various illegal activities such as extorting money, supplying drugs, mobile phones and other prohibited items.

  2. Prison authorities informed the Delhi High Court on Tuesday that mobile signals, especially those of Jio 4G, cannot be blocked inside Tihar Jail using the technology they have, and have asked state-run C-DOT to develop a prototype car gps jammer to prevent inmates.

  3. The court is hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by a lifer inmate after receiving a letter from him accusing prison authorities of being involved in various illegal activities such as extorting money and supplying drugs, mobile phones and other prohibited items.

It further alleged that prisoners were "tortured like animals" by prison authorities. After receiving the letter in 2018, the court has asked a prison visiting judge to investigate the allegations and submit a report.

In his April 2019 report, the judge informed the court that the allegations that prohibited items were found inside the prison and that prison authorities extorted money from prisoners for the fundamental right of one hour a day of release were based on statements by various prisoners.


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Having GPS jammer prevents the leakage of valuable information

With the development of technology, mobile phones are becoming more and more intelligent.Having the best GPS jammer can prevent the leakage of precious and expensive information, protect your location, privacy and so on.signal jammers have many practical uses, and counter-terrorism agencies often use them to jam telephone triggers from explosive devices.The main function is location and tracking.Our equipment can not only ensure personal safety, but also can be used to improve the efficiency of classrooms and other workplaces.We offer a wide range of products to protect ourselves in a technology age.Whenever we use the map feature to get anywhere or log on to a public wifi, we are immediately affected by data planting, tracking, etc.

For example, if you want to protect yourself from cybercriminals and hackers, you can use this tool.The GPS jammer sends a stronger signal to the cell tower, mimics and controls your phone, and cuts off communication between your mobile device and the cell tower.As you move through your day-to-day life your phone will emit a signal to different cell phone towers.For example, a good wlan jammer can help you protect yourself from cybercriminals at a low cost.This means that most of our lives are in cyberspace, because we leave traceable footprints.Commonly used in places with high confidentiality requirements, such as military areas, prisons, etc.Of course, this is not just about anti-tracking and anti-eavesdropping.

However, many manufacturers do not pay attention to product safety when developing these products.How these devices work to give you the answer to how they keep you safe on the go.These devices are hand-held and can be easily put in your pocket to provide protection for you on the road. Please take a look at our satisfied client's references and judge for yourself. Safety is essential to all of us, and this is more applicable in the technical sense than ever before.GPS satellite signal series products can help you solve these problems because the GPS satellite positioning system has a very wide range of positioning functions, which can cover the whole earth and is an ideal location information service system.

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If you are looking for some convenient and portable belongings, GPS jammers and portable cell phone jammer are the best for you.What is a GPS satellite signal jammer?First of all, we need to know what a GPS satellite positioning system is.GPS satellite positioning system refers to the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) with the US military communication satellite as the carrier and the ground support device as the main body. With many professional production GPS jammers sold, we have equipment to meet your needs.Global coverage, anytime, anywhere, day and night, and can be used anywhere in the world.They also make it easier for One Hour Photo to spy on us.In order to protect our private information, GPS satellite signal jammers emerge as the times require so that people‘s privacy can be better protected from being snooped on or eavesdropped on by uninvited guests.

You can choose products for specific purposes, such as mobile phone jammers, or other products suitable for a variety of devices and GPS signals. This is why some areas ban or restrict the use of these products in public places, as they can cause serious interference with air navigation systems or emergency communication signals, such as police patrol cars and fire trucks that run on gasoline engines (so-called gasoline cars). You can also use it to prevent the drone's signal from being monitored from the air by someone else. This powerful device can easily block the signal from GPS satellites by emitting a continuous high-power RF signal so that no one can get it just by the GPS receiver built into the phone or the receiver module mounted on drones and ships etc. You can use a car GPS jammer to prevent others from knowing your location.

This is how you receive messages, and calls and can be located through GPS. You should also know that some people use their mobile phones or computers to spy on others and steal information from others. So, if you want to protect your private data from these people spying on other people‘s phones or computers and stealing their information by spying on their phones/computers, then we recommend you buy this tool as it will help protect all This information is easy! In recent years, with the advancement of technology and the development of equipment, some domestic companies have launched their own GPS signal jammer products, which are widely popular among consumers with the characteristics of high quality and low price.

Blocker CDMA GSM 3G 4G

This will make your device invisible, protect you from tracking, unnecessarily cold calls, and protect your information. If you use your mobile phone as a tool, it can protect you from cyber criminals, thieves, and even stalkers! Tools are also great things like cooking and cleaning: they make these tasks easier and more interesting. It's a tool that helps me work and keep in touch with my family and friends. This will not only help protect you and any passengers from unnecessary prying eyes but also ensure the safety of any transported goods and prevent security loopholes.GPS jammers are for those who are on business or often on the move.

Signals using blocking and jamming tracking techniques can give you an advantage in tactical scenarios. In our daily life, we may experience the embarrassment of being followed by others.GPS Global Positioning Systems are service systems that use signals transmitted by GPS satellites to locate a location. There are some items that need to be installed inside the vehicle, outside and, if appropriate to your needs, those with a wider reach. Positioning accuracy of 10 to 100 meters, can be used for vehicles, ships, aircraft and other mobile equipment. But it's not just for fun, it also helps you stay safe.


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Small GPS jammers can signals jam within radius of about 10 meters

GPS jamming requires very little jamming energy to temporarily or completely block the GPS signal.After all, gsm signal jammer and communication base stations are in competition.All normal microwave data signal data information released by the base station will inevitably prevent the mobile phone from establishing a connection with the communication base station, so as to achieve the purpose of intercepting the mobile phone signal.For this purpose, electromagnetic waves are emitted that completely or partially superimpose the signals and waves of the disturbed transmitter, rendering them unusable.If the signal strength of the mobile phone signal jammer is lower than the natural environment, the output power of the wireless channel transmitted by the Chinese communication base station to the mobile phone will not be intercepted by the signal jammer.

For example, in aviation or the military, special antennas are used that only receive signals from a certain direction.Statistics from the Criminal Police also prove that locating vehicles or trucks using GPS trackers installed in vehicles is an effective method of locating stolen vehicles, even if they have been taken abroad.In this regard, there is always a residual risk that GPS positioning will be corrupted by criminal energy to disable anti-theft protection or use the vehicle for unintended purposes.

Blocker CDMA GSM 3G 4G

Only when the output power of the signal jammer exceeds the transmission power of the communication base station to the mobile phone Only when the output power is output, the blocking can be stopped reasonably and effectively.Such transmitters have difficulty receiving radio signals correctly.Jammers can operate on the same or adjacent frequencies, the field strength of the jammer and the type of jamming wave are important.It is easy to understand that the frequency band released by the mobile phone signal jammer invades the frequency band of the mobile phone receiving communication base station.Because GPS satellites orbiting more than 20,000 kilometers above the Earth's surface have relatively low transmit power.Mobile Smart Positioning Devices Offer Special Protection Against GPS Interference Mobile Smart GPS Tracking Transmitters provide the option to continue locating the vehicle in the event of GPS interference.

Such signal blockers are used time and time again in criminal cases.In flight, co-targeting allows the weapon to use its advanced viewfinder to identify and pass on tactical details to other weapons so it can maneuver as needed.The Air Force is taking new steps to bring promising new technology to the weapons network in flight.Recent tests of a small-diameter synergistic bomb that transmits data in flight have shown promising results and room for improvement.The tracker supports so-called cell positioning (also known as GSM positioning or cell phone positioning) as an alternative.Car locks are also increasingly being manipulated by jammers to open vehicles and steal items from them.

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If the entire vehicle is stolen, thieves use GPS jammers to block GPS signals over a wide area.10 times weakening; less weakening if it is sheet or glass material.How much a signal jammer can block is not only related to its own signal strength, but also to the spacing between the communication base stations in the natural environment used.This test rate will lead to the intrusion of the audio data signal received by the mobile phone with bit error, resulting in the mobile phone being unable to detect the slave communication.Even small GPS jammers can jam signals within a radius of about 10 meters.The perpetrator tries, for example, B.to overcome the anti-theft system in the case of shoplifting.

This means that it is no longer possible to GPS track the vehicle with a GPS tracker. The mobile signal jammer tests the high-end of the low-end frequency band of the wireless channel at a certain rate during the operation.The Air Force tested the ability of air-dropped bombs to share purpose-sensitive data with each other in flight to customize attack specifications, locate GPS interceptors, and optimize the speed and accuracy of attack maneuvers.GPS Jammers and Jammers - Still Using Smart Hardware Location A GPS jammer or GPS jammer is a device used to jam or completely block Global Positioning System (GPS) signals operated by the U.S.Department of Defense.Therefore, when all signal jammers are used in different data signal environments, the interception interval will be different, and the direction of the communication base station and the output power of the communication base station cannot be reversed.


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